wedding led wall 8x12 price in india

Wedding LED Wall 8×12 Price in India: Your Complete Guide

Weddings are joyous occasions that bring loved ones together to commemorate the union of two individuals, and many couples are opting to incorporate India Wedding LED Wall 8×12 Price in India as into their festivities to ensure a stunning and visually attractive celebrations venue. In this article, we will delve into the world of wedding LED walls – their definition, types available on the market, features they provide as well as benefits. Finally, we’ll offer couples valuable tips for selecting an LED wall appropriate for their big day!

What Is a Wedding LED Wall?

Wedding LED walls are large digital display panels typically used to enhance the overall ambiance and visual experience at wedding venues. Designed to captivate guests and create an enthralling atmosphere, wedding LED walls come in various sizes, shapes, resolutions and sizes so they can cater to various preferences among couples.

There Are Different Types of Wedding LED Walls on the Market

1. Indoor LED Walls:

Indoor LED Walls

Indoor wedding LED walls are specifically designed to provide excellent picture quality at venues without natural lighting sources. They make for ideal decor elements in venues without natural illumination and boast excellent picture resolution.

  • Pixel Pitch: Pixel pitches determine image resolution. Selecting an LED wall with smaller pixel pitches ensures sharper and more vibrant visuals.
  • Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is the frequency at which display panels update content on display panels, typically every few seconds. Higher refresh rates create smoother imagery for an improved visual experience.

 2. Outdoor LED Walls for Wedding Ceremonies:

outdoor LED Walls for Wedding Ceremonies

Outdoor wedding LED walls are specially constructed to     withstand various weather conditions and offer high brightness capabilities that help counteract sunlight. They’re     often larger displays with higher brightness levels to keep sunlight at bay.

  • IP Ratings: Ingress Protection (IP) ratings measure how well a LED wall protects against dust and water ingress. The higher its rating is, the better it can withstand adverse weather conditions.
  • Viewing Angle: When creating an outdoor LED wall, its viewing angle must be carefully considered to ensure maximum visibility for all guests regardless of their position.

Features of a Wedding LED Wall

Wedding LED walls boast numerous features that add to their allure and versatility, such as:

  • High-Resolution Display: Wedding LED walls offer vivid visuals, helping guests fully immerse themselves in your event.
  • Customizable Content: Couples can customize their LED wall by showing photos and videos from their wedding, as well as live feeds from social media platforms – providing an engaging visual experience.
  • Seamless Design: Wedding LED walls feature sleek bezels to provide an uninterrupted display, creating an eye-catching modern aesthetic.

Benefits of Incorporating LED Walls at Wedding Receptions

An LED wall for weddings offers many advantages that enhance both the couple and their guests’ experiences, such as:

Enhancing the Look and Feel of Wedding Venue

Wedding Venue

  • Wedding LED walls make an eye-catching focal point, adding visual interest and creating a gorgeous environment for any special event.
  • LED walls’ customizable features enable couples to tailor them perfectly to the wedding theme – adding colors, patterns and designs that correspond with their vision for their event.

Display Photos and Videos of Couple

  • Wedding days are filled with precious memories, and an LED wall makes an excellent way to display them all.
  • Couples can create a slideshow of their relationship journey to share with guests, delighting them with its visual narrative and stirring up feelings of nostalgia and romance.

Keep Your Wedding Reception Attendees Entertained


Wedding Reception

  • An LED wall at a wedding reception serves as a source of entertainment for guests throughout the entire ceremony and reception.
  • Couples can showcase live event footage, interactive games or even stream the ceremony itself for guests who may be sitting far away.

Experience an Epic Journey Together

  • An LED wedding wall makes a lasting impression on guests attending, adding an air of grandeur and adding another memorable memory of this memorable celebration.
  • Your guests will long remember the magical atmosphere created by an LED wall, making any special event all the more unforgettable and meaningful.

Full Color LED Wall for Wedding Reception

Rs. 17,300/ Piece Get Latest Price

Usage/Application             Outdoor
Color                                     Full color
Pixel Pitch                            3.9-16 mm
Pixel Density                       62500 pixel/m2
Pixel Configuration            SMD 3 in 1
LED Encapsulation            Nationstar / Kinglight / Amplight

Factors That Affect the Price of a Wedding LED Wall

  1. Size: The dimensions of an LED wall play an integral part in its price, larger LED walls tend to cost more due to additional material and manufacturing requirements.
  2. Resolution: LED walls that boast higher resolution tend to be more expensive as they provide superior image quality and clarity.
  3. Features and Customization: Additional features such as interactive touch screens or custom content creation can significantly impact the cost of an LED wall.
  4. Rental Duration: Renting an LED wall for longer may result in lower pricing per day.

Comparison of Prices From Different Vendors in India

Vendor A:

Wedding LED Wall 8×12 rental costs INR 50,000 per day with minimum rental duration being two days.

Additional Features: Customizable content options available at an additional cost.

Vendor B:

For an 8×12 Wedding LED Wall rental duration of 3 days minimum rental duration costs INR 45,000.

Additional Features: High-resolution display with a 2mm pixel pitch

Vendor C:

Wentworth Wedding LED Wall 8×12 Rental Cost is INR 55,000 per day (Minimum rental period is one day).

Tips for Selecting an LED Wall at Your Wedding

To help ensure you select the ideal LED wall for your wedding celebration, keep these tips in mind:

Size Matters When Selecting a Venue for Your Wedding:

  • Size up the available space before selecting an LED wall size that meets its requirements.
  • Avoid buying an LED wall that is either too small, with limited visibility, or too large, overpowering your venue.

Determine the Purpose of a Wedding LED Wall:

  • Understand your desired LED wall usage at your wedding – will it primarily display photos and videos, or do you require interactive features?
  • Consider your budget and long-term needs before making the decision to rent or buy.

Locate a Reputable Vendor:

  • When it comes to choosing vendors for services and supplies, reputation and experience should always play an important role.
  • Investigate various vendors, read customer reviews from previous customers and seek guidance from reliable sources.
  • Select a vendor with experience providing wedding LED walls and proven success at providing top-quality services.

Verify the Quality of an LED Wall Before Renting or Purchasing It:

  • Check your LED wall for any visible defects to ensure it works optimally.
  • Verify that the display panel offers your desired image resolution and brightness levels.

Wedding LED Wall 8×12 Price in India

Price range for 8×12 wall led lights is 20000-23500 INR per bulb.

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1. How Can LED Walls Add Value to Traditional Ceremonies?

The LED wall can project custom visuals that emphasize and deepen the meaning and symbolism of traditional wedding rituals.


2. Can an LED wall be used at outdoor weddings?

Yes. The brightness and resolution settings have been optimized to adapt to various lighting conditions for optimal use indoors as well as outdoors.


Including a wedding led wall 8×12 price in india wall in your special celebration can enhance the ambiance of the venue, delight guests and create an unforgettable experience for all involved. Learning the cost breakdown of an 8×12 wedding LED wall allows couples to make informed decisions and maximize the return on their investment. Following our tips will enable couples to select an LED wall that perfectly aligns with their vision for their perfect celebration day!

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